Los Quetzales National Park Tour

Nature hike

Tour introduction

Los Quetzales National Park, where you can see the two oceans ( Pacific and Atlantic ) , in addition to observing the drastic changes in vegetation, magical dwarf forests , hanging moss growing on the giant oak trees that make you feel like being in an enchanted forest , where fog and the green - gold color moss conspire to give you that feeling. In addition, during this trip you will observe birds, ancient oak trees, bromeliads, mushrooms of many varieties and colors in the Primary Cloud Forest of Costa Rica . Option1 starts at an altitude of 2153 m to 3,331 m with a distance of about 8 km. Another option is to do it by walking down from 3331 m to 2153msnm. The approximate tour time is of 5.5 hours including transportation time to the departure point.

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Los Quetzales is a more smaller national park, bit immense in flora and fauna, wildlife habitat and scenic beauty. The park also borders the uninterrupted Los Santos Forest Preserve, creating a vast natural habitat with diverse climatic regions.

Quetzales National Park