The Quetzal - San Gerardo de Dota

The Quetzal is one of the most beautiful bird species in the planet. Its size and color green and red (especially visible in the males) makes it a real gem. These birds inhabit the cloud forests of Costa Rica, however, they are easier to see in San Gerardo de Dota, and the entire Savegre River valley, where they are seen almost all year round.


In search of The Quetzal

The tours in Hotel Suria will take you in search of the Quetzal through the cloud forests of the valley. The abundance of trees related to Avocados as well as their figs create a perfect habitat to be able to see these birds with a very high certainty. We invite you to learn more about our Birdwatching and Quetzal Tour from Hotel Suria.

San Gerardo de Dota
Los Quetzales National Park

Los Quetzales National Park

One of the newest national parks in Costa Rica that protects the upper Savegre River Valley as well as thousands of acres of tropical cloud forests and paramo.


Tours and activities

Inquire more about what you can do in the area, from hard hiking and mountain trekking, to early morning birding tours, cultural activities or guided cloud forest hikes.


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