Tours in San Gerardo de Dota


Birding is the main activity in the San Gerardo de Dota Valley. The area is especially well known for seing the Quetzal or Paradise Bird (Pharomachrus mocinno ), but many other species of birds are found in this habitat.


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Hiking Trekking

Trekking is another option. The region is perfect for hiking and trekking, because of the rugged terrain and the simple fact that the region is vast, almost endless, with valleys, ridges, mountain peaks, creeks and canyons.


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Paramo Tour

Discover the amazing beauty of the Paramo, a special habitat and climate zone where dwarf trees are abundant. Vegetation dos not grow tall because of the altitude, nonetheless you will encounter amazing dwarf trees, plants, birds…


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Los Quetzales

Los Quetzales is one of the newest national parks established in Costa Rica. This small region of over 15 000 acres protects a vast region of tropical cloud forests and paramo. The park also connects with the vast Zona Protectora Los Santos.

Los Quetzales National Park Tour

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What to do
Other trips ( half day and full day ) you can enjoy while staying with us includes horseback riding, trout fishing ( both in the lagoons as well as in the river ), guided night tours, town hiking trips, the self guided or guided walk down to the two Savegre River waterfalls.

Suria Lodge is also a great option to finish a journey around the country, and instead of booking yet even more adventure tours or adrenaline filled trips, just rest in the rooms, or enjoying the truly unique fresh mountain air. Simply a perfect getaway for Honeymooners and family trips alike.

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Tour rates

    - 2 Hour Quetzal Birding - U$ 15 per Person

    - Guided birding 2 hours - U$ 15 per Person

    - Guided birding Half Day - 40 U$ per Person

    - Guided birding Full Day - 60 U$ per Person

    - Hiking Cerro de la Muerte ( Birding guide) - 60 U$ per Person

    - Hiking Cerro de la Muerte (guide) - 60 U$ per Person

    - Providencia Hike ( Birding guide) - Request

    - Providencia Hike (guide) - Request

    - National Park Hike ( Birding guide) - Request

    - National Park Hike (guide) - Request

    - Night Owl tour - Request

    - Guided waterfall tour - Request

    - Horseback riding 2 hours - Request